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Yesterday, I had the pleasure of visiting Montreux - a municipality in the district of Riviera- Pays d'Enhaut in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland. It's located on Lake Geneva and the view is absolutely beautiful!

Montreux is known for hosting of the most famous Jazz festivals in the world. It's held in July and has been running for over 40 years!


LUSH Halloween 2016

Whether you go all out for Halloween, or just want to stay inside and avoid it all together, be sure to shop Lush's Halloween products before they're gone! As expected, Lush came out with such beautiful and delicious smelling treats for the occasion and we're so excited to share a few with you!

1. Autumn Leaf $6.95

Time-lapse bathing
"This stunning bath bomb brings the beauty of nature's autumnal metamorphosis right into your tub. Watching it dissolve in the bath is like watching the trees turn colors, only in fast forward! Breathe in the grounding yet uplifting perfume, full of bergamot, neroli and sandalwood, and brace yourself for winter's arrival."

This product is amazing ! Simply fill your bathtub with warm water, drop in the bath bomb and lie back to enjoy its lovely color and gorgeous fragrance. Left untouched in the bath, and you'll be left with a gorgeous spectacle. It fizzes and swirls, creating a maple leaf pattern. It almost makes you feel guilty for climbing into the bath to enjoy the scented bath water!
This is a great bath bomb for a cold night- it's a slow fizzer so the coloured foam lasts a long time, leaving you with a burnt orange/ amber coloured bath. It has a subtle spicy scent that is perfect for the fall. It is a nice stress reducer and leaves you feeling relaxed, and refreshed afterwards. 

2. Boo Bath Melt $5.95

One spicy spirit

"Our luxurious Halloween bath melt might be one of the smallest treats in the range, but don't let appearances fool you: this little ghost packs a seriously perfumed punch! Drop Boo into your bath water and watch it slowly go milky with moisturizing cocoa butter to give you hauntingly beautiful skin, perfumed with warming ginger and a bouquet of floral and citrus oils."

This product will leave your skin feeling soft and luxurious. It dissolves slowly, and leaves the water pure white by the end. The fragrance is heavenly and it's so cute!The perfect stress reliever, or addition to a soak in the bath tub, giving your skin an extra TLC.

3. Monsters' Ball $7.25

Multicolored mutant

"Throw yourself a ball by reveling in possibly the most beautiful bath water ever. This cyclops' outer layer creates layers of pink froth on top of deep blue-purple waters as its fruity lime and neroli perfume fills the air. Make sure you save a dance for this beautiful monstrosity. Trust us, you won't regret it!"

This bath bomb gives off a zesty lime smell and contains lime and neroli - great for cleansing and clearing pores, stimulating radiance, and leaving your skin with a glow. This also, is a work of art as the colours are stunning and ones that suit the colder months ahead.
Upon contact, the bath bomb immediately fizzes and froths, sending streams of pink and blue that decorate the water, it is so beautiful and like so many other Lush products, creates the ultimate bath experience. 

Which Lush Halloween products will you be picking up? We'd love to hear from you!



Last week, I was in Villeneuve for a concert. Villeneuve is a municipality of the canton of Vaud in Switzerland, located on Lake Geneva. It's so beautiful!


Halloween Essentials

Just in time for Halloween, Essence Cosmetics, The Face Shop, and Rocky Mountain Soap have beauty essentials to get you ready. Whether your costume is spooky, sexy, or somewhere in between, these products will perfect any Halloween look. 

1. Rocky Mountain Soap $5.25
"Fennel and Star Anise are guaranteed to repel zombie attacks. All you have to do is wash with this soap everyday. It makes your skin nice and soft, too."

2. Essence Cosmetics Nail Polish $2.99
Essence has such affordable products and this nail polish provides incredible gel shine. It's not tested on animals, and is DBG, toluene, and formaldehyde free.

3. Essence Cosmetics Nail Polish $2.49
Essence Cosmetics 'The Metals' come in a variety of colors. They're pigmented and have a 'wow' factor, even after one coat! These dry quickly and won't disappoint.

4. Essence Cosmetics Lipstick $3.49
Great everyday neutral semi-long wear, moisturizing and easy to apply.

5. The Face Shop Character Mask $4

"Skincaretainment" at its finest! Why not treat your skin while looking like a cute animal?!

Which products will you be picking up? We'd love to hear from you


Sion, Switzerland

Just wishing everyone a Happy Monday!

Scalisi Skincare Serum Giveaway

- Improves Radiance and Even Skin Tone
- Smoothes, hydrates and reduces the appearance of pores
- Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and imperfections by using soft diffusers
- Oil-free, paraben free
- For All Skin Types

- Patented peptides work to visibly correct skin imperfections and works to diminish the
appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
- Dermal Filler helps restore skin volume and smoothes facial wrinkles,
- Sodium Hyaluronate provides deep hydration.
- Rich in oligosaccharides, it helps to improve the skin by minimizing the appearance of
enlarged pores.
- Color Correctors help neutralize sallow tones by combining the perfect balance of
translucent microspheres, precious Gold particles, and photolumininescent technology.
- Helps to work synergistically to aid in unifying skin's undertone
while promoting enhanced luminosity.
- Ascorbyl Glucoside is a natural form of Vitamin C that helps promote collagen
synthesis and helps inhibit melanin production for a skin brightening effect.

What we think: 
This product is hypoallergenic and comes in a convenient pump dispenser. A little goes a long way, and we love that it has a subtle fragrance. The consistency is lightweight, so it's great for all seasons, and makes a fantastic primer before makeup. It absorbs quickly into the skin and minimizes fine lines. 

This serum is expected to launch November 1, 2016. You can pre-order the serum ($55) here


One winner will be chosen and gifted with a year's supply of Scalisi Skincare products! This will include 6 collection sets, worth a total of $1200. 
We aren't hosting this giveaway but encourage you to enter here
This giveaway ends 11:59 on September 30th. 


This contest is open to U.S. Residents.


Miik Fall 2016

Miik is a Canadian women's brand that uses eco-sustainable fabric. Their clothing is soft, comfortable and versatile.

Here are our favorite pieces from their latest collection!
Miik "Kenia" blazer, $240 CDN
Miik "Sylvie" slouch pant, $145 CDN
Miik "Malory" long cardi, $195 CDN
Miik "Eva" reversible dress, $165 CDN
Miik "Brooklin" tunic, $155 CDN

You can find Miik online in over 75 stores across Canada


Stillwater Spa: Park Hyatt Toronto

The Stillwater Spa at The Park Hyatt Hotel is one of Toronto's best spas. It is a luxurious 10,000 square foot space, featuring 17 treatment rooms, a couple's massage room, a unique Aqua Pool, full-service salon, saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools, private cabanas, a spa boutique, and a tea lounge for relaxing. There is a fitness center available to spa guests, and an extensive selection of massage therapies and body treatments. The Stillwater Spa opened in 2001, and despite many other spas opening since, it still holds a place as one of Toronto's finest spas. 

Upon walking downstairs to the spa, I felt automatically at ease. The Stillwater Spa is an intimate space. Warm lighting and water flowing beneath clouded glass floors- the theme of water runs throughout the spa. It's not often that you'll enter a spa foyer as blissful as this. 

After completing the standard health forms, you are lead to the change rooms and given a key card to enter. I think that having this added security is a nice feature. 

Inside the change room, guests can take time before or after their treatment to unwind. There are a few private cabanas with TV's, a steam room, a whirlpool, and showers. The change rooms are lovely- everything is spotless, the towels and robes are luxurious and guests are given Oka-B flipflops to use while they are there (much nicer and more comfortable than the standard foam flip flop). Toiletries are there for your use, and I really like that the disposable razors are individually packaged. 

Stillwater takes time to even make sure the little details are covered, and it makes a huge difference with the spa experience. 

The tea room is lovely, a co-ed lounge where fresh fruit, teas, infused waters, and snacks are available. Here you can relax before your treatment. There's a private room that houses a small pool reserved for aqua massage, where vibrations from underwater sparks add to the rhythmical effects of a massage. 

The the treatment room is large and inviting, with brick walls, candlelight and soft music. I had the chance to try Stillwater's Essential Milk& Honey Wrap treatment. The products used are Cuccio Milk & Honey Sea Salts, European Rose Mud, and Cuccio Milk & Honey Body Butter. This 90 minute treatment ($260) will nourish your skin and lock in hydration. During, you are exfoliated with a sweet-smelling golden sea salt scrub to open your pores, covered in a warm mud mask, wrapped in warm towels, and given a head and face massage. When it's time to rinse, you are left alone to shower in the in-room shower, and then return to the table with its heated thermal blankets for a half hour Swedish massage. 

During the treatment, you're left in such a blissful state. The techniques used, combined with the warmth of the wrap leave you in a comfortable zen- like state. The professionalism is also something to note, as the massage therapist manages to find the balance between letting you know what's happening during the treatment, and leaving you with uninterrupted relaxation. The pressure of the massage is perfection, and to further add hydration, a body butter is applied onto your body. 

Post- treatment, you're left with the softest skin. Though I wished the 90 minute treatment lasted forever, you leave feeling like you went on a vacation: glowing and at ease. 

The warmth of the mud mask is such a nice feature in this treatment, and would especially make the perfect gift as the temperature starts to drop. 

Stillwater’s selection of spa therapies also offers exotic experiences such as a Guava Body Breeze ($155, 45 minutes), or massage ($160, 60 minutes).
Other picks include Reiki, Zen Shiatsu and a River Stone Mud Wrap, while facial fanatics can opt for a City Restoration Facial or a Age Smart Facial. There are so many spas in the GTA to choose from, but Stillwater is definitely one of the best ones and we highly recommend giving it a try.

Not only was the treatment amazing, but it's also about the overall experience and amenities. Stillwater goes the extra mile by making sure that little details are covered and the spa experience is perfection. 
Stillwater Spa is located at the Hyatt in Yorkville, the perfect neighborhood to celebrate art, food and style. This spa is located in such a great location that you can relax and book in a treatment before attending concerts at the Royal Conservatory of Music, or after a long day of shopping in one of Toronto's trendy neighborhoods.

Need a gift for a loved one? A gift certificate to Stillwater Spa is a great way to pamper someone. 



Extremely grateful to have been interviewed and featured by the Bowdoin International Music Festival!

Performing Grieg's Violin Sonata No. 3 Op 45 at The Bowdoin International Music Festival July 2016

To view the interview click here 


We splurge on the best face creams, we invest in quality handbags, and we shell out for high end haircuts, yet often overlook the importance of high quality dental products. The tools you purchase for your teeth should matter for your health and smile, and don't even cost a fraction of what we spend on other items. We're not talking about state of the art electric toothbrushes, but basic products that will keep your smile healthy. Thankfully, we came across Radius a number of years ago, and haven't looked at dental products the same since!

Why Radius?
At Radius, they take a holistic approach to designing and manufacturing their products to ensure it's rooted in sustainable decisions that reduce their carbon footprint. Radius toothbrushes are also made to outlast other toothbrushes, thereby producing less waste. They are one of the only toothbrushes on the market that are environmentally friendly, and each brush is carefully inspected (standard brushes are made automatically without inspection). Their original brush also has 300% more bristles than the average brush! 
You can read more about the products and how they are made here

Radius has a nice selection of products, and for those of you that are new to the brand, we highly recommend starting off with these first!

1. The Original 
The size of the original may be a bit daunting at first, but it has a bigger head to ensure better cleaning. It is designed to improve gum health and can even reduce the risk of gum and heart disease by massaging the whole mouth. Though it may take a few brushes to get used to, we actually prefer this over the regular toothbrush size! You're left feeling like you have a cleaner mouth and it's an overall better toothbrushing experience. 
The original has 3x more bristles than the average toothbrush, and the bristles themselves are softer and more uniquely aligned, providing even pressure that helps reduce chronic bleeding, receding gums, and enamel erosion. Its handle is also designed with the dentist- recommended 45 degree angle so that you get the best angle for brushing, with grip and control as well. The Original also comes with a right-hand or left-hand version, so lefties can get the full experience too! 
The Radius Original is also 100% petroleum free, the handle is sourced from renewable timber, the nylon bristles are vegetable-based, and you'll be brushing knowing that you're supporting a company that cares about the environment! Each brush retails for $7.95 and comes in a variety of fun colors.  

Want a great travel toothbrush? Radius has that too. 

2. The Tour
The tour is a great travel toothbrush as it gives you the same great clean. It folds nicely, ensuring you have more luggage space and has a removable and replaceable brush head. This helps reduce waste and cost from having to buy a whole new toothbrush. This product also has eco-friendly handle and bristles, made from 100% wood-based bio-plastic, and the bristles are vegetable-derived, making them environmentally sound. We love this innovative product and take it with us on on our travels. The Tour retails for $5.49 and comes in a variety of colors.

3. Natural Biodegradable Silk Sachets
This product is great for travel as it comes with 20 individually wrapped floss sachets. This floss is made of glossy silk instead of nylon, and is free from toxins found in other floss products. It glides really nicely in between teeth, and is 100% vegetarian, biodegradable, and compostable. Plus, it's free of bad ingredients like glutens, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, GMOs, unnatural coloring and other harmful ingredients. This pack retails for $2.99 and you can also purchase the regular non-travel floss, and vegan floss as well. 

These items from Radius are truly innovative, and their toothbrushes make such a difference. Radius also has great kids products, and gadgets such as "The Doc", which is a multi-purpose product that can not just hold your toothbrush, but has a suction base that fixes to smooth surfaces, can clasp a number of items like kitchen spoons, cellphones, razors etc. We highly recommend giving Radius products a try!