Workout Essentials

Sports Bra Courtesy of Lululemon Yoga Pants Courtesy of Bench
Work hard, look gorgeous! Whether it’s pumping iron or power yoga, working out doesn’t have to leave you feeling like a dirty gym sock. Hit the showers with essentials from Mia Beauty, Pura Naturals, BioRepublic and Key West Aloe that keep you effortlessly beautiful after the toughest of workouts.
Pura Naturals Active Charcoal Purifying Soap-Infused Facial Cleansing Sponge

Reveal soft skin even after the hardest training sessions. This 3-in-1 soap, washcloth and facial loofah, is formulated with charcoal to combat skin toxins that cause breakouts and clears away dead skin and oils that clog pores post sweat.

Price: $5.99; available online viawww.puranaturalsproducts.com

Mia Tony Ties

These hair ties won’t leave a trace once they’re removed. The soft elastic doesn’t pull or crease hair and can be worn as a bracelet post-workout.

Price: $8.00; available online via www.miabeauty.com

BioRepublic Sheet Masks

Restore moisture post-workout with ultra-hydrating portable sheet masks. Packed with all natural ingredients, skin is left refreshed and radiant. 

Price: $4.99; $14.95/Set of 3, available online viawww.biorepublic.com  

Key West Aloe Frangipani Salt Scrub

Polish and renew skin with the sweet floral fragrance of Frangipani Salt Scrub containing Dead Sea Salt and Essential oils to replenish hydration and nourish skin.

Price: $25.00; available online viawww.keywestaloe.com