Black Friday

I never understood the hype of Black Friday shopping...until I moved to the states. Just google Black Friday and thousands of articles pop up informing the public about the best deals, the places to be, the items to buy...
I personally will not be frequenting any shopping mall or store on Friday. However, online shopping- another story!

Below were a few of my favorite purchases from pre- Black Friday sales.

TJ Maxx: Fervour Sweetheart Top Gown $29 $109.99
Michael Kors: Saffiano Leather Pocket Smartphone Case $26.25 $50
Michael Kors: Chandler Large Shoulder Tote $182.70 $348 Merlot is currently unavailable but this style comes in a variety of colors. 
Kate Spade: Crown Point Garcia $299 $1295

Where will you be shopping?  Would love to hear from you! 



Avoid a Skin Scare

The Truth: Thick makeup clogs pores, dries and irritates skin. Paired with the cold weather -- your skin will look far from great. 

We love these products because these prevent skin damage, and repair the damage that has been done.

Key West Aloe Aloethera Facial Scrub
Refresh skin and exfoliate away leftover makeup, extra oil and dead skin cells with this deep cleansing facial scrub. Natural exfoliates of apricot seed andalmond meal buff skin while 100% pure Aloe Vera soothes irritation caused by late nights and cakey makeup.
Key West Aloe Products are very affordable, and leave you with great results! We love how their products are not overly scented. 
Kensington Apothecary Saké Skin Detox Tonic

Excessive sugar intake and an active social/work life can leave skin looking bloated and overworked with dark circles, sallowness and sagging caused by glycation, which causes accelerated aging. The SakéSkin Detox Tonic removes and dries out excess oil left from the night before. Formulated with brown rice vinegar and chamomile hydrosol infused with mimosa bark and olive leaf extracts, to leave skin vibrant once again.
Leaves your skin looking brighter and more vibrant!

Trophy Skin Labelle Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber
Pamper those pores by deeply exfoliating and extracting dirt and oil with this this pulsating skin spatula. Pore-clogging makeup and oils are gently removed to create a clean surface.  Following cleansing, use the scrubber to infuse serums into skin for maximum absorption and a glowing complexion.

Le Mieux Derma Relief Serum

This lipid replacement serum provides instant relief for extremely dry, stressed skin. Featuring powerful ceramides, a superior form of Vitamin E and 13 exotic oils including argan oil and kukui nut oil to soothe skin, minimize inflammation, and restore suppleness and resiliency. Helps repair damage caused by environmental aggressors and brighten tired skin.
Argan oil also does wonders for the hair! We love putting argan oil in our hair, and then rinsing it out for a luxurious, silky feel.

Topganic Shampoo and Conditioner with Obliphica Oil from Russia
For thin, brittle and color-treated hair
With costume staples like temporary dye and glitter hairspray, hair needs a detox from Halloween. Restore your hair with shampoo and conditioner enriched with dead sea mineralsobliphica oil, and vitamin Eto nourish and bring tresses from scary to silky.
www.topganic.com - $9-$11

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Workout Essentials

Sports Bra Courtesy of Lululemon Yoga Pants Courtesy of Bench
Work hard, look gorgeous! Whether it’s pumping iron or power yoga, working out doesn’t have to leave you feeling like a dirty gym sock. Hit the showers with essentials from Mia Beauty, Pura Naturals, BioRepublic and Key West Aloe that keep you effortlessly beautiful after the toughest of workouts.
Pura Naturals Active Charcoal Purifying Soap-Infused Facial Cleansing Sponge

Reveal soft skin even after the hardest training sessions. This 3-in-1 soap, washcloth and facial loofah, is formulated with charcoal to combat skin toxins that cause breakouts and clears away dead skin and oils that clog pores post sweat.

Price: $5.99; available online viawww.puranaturalsproducts.com

Mia Tony Ties

These hair ties won’t leave a trace once they’re removed. The soft elastic doesn’t pull or crease hair and can be worn as a bracelet post-workout.

Price: $8.00; available online via www.miabeauty.com

BioRepublic Sheet Masks

Restore moisture post-workout with ultra-hydrating portable sheet masks. Packed with all natural ingredients, skin is left refreshed and radiant. 

Price: $4.99; $14.95/Set of 3, available online viawww.biorepublic.com  

Key West Aloe Frangipani Salt Scrub

Polish and renew skin with the sweet floral fragrance of Frangipani Salt Scrub containing Dead Sea Salt and Essential oils to replenish hydration and nourish skin.

Price: $25.00; available online viawww.keywestaloe.com


Rain Boots

We always love a great rain boot, not just when it rains, but when it's not quite cold enough to sport a winter boot. 

1. Burberry Check Panel Rain Boots $350
Though Burberry is most famous for their luxurious trench coats, they always have such chic and classic rain boots that we adore.

2. Givenchy Eva Rain Boot $450
We've gotta add some Givenchy to the mix, of course. We love a minimalist look, with the little details.  A slightly gothic buckle will give your outfit a little edge. 

3. Hunter Women's Original Refined Back Strap Rain Boots $195
Though we have to say we're not a fan of that one style EVERYBODY owns, we love a hunter boot in a fun or classic color. May just be picking these up sometime soon ;).  P.S. They have some really cute rain boots with a chunky wedge. 

4. J.Crew Chelsea Leopard Rain Boot $68
Heavy boots not your thing? We love these J.Crew Rain boots. They've been so popular that J.Crew has had them for a few seasons.

5. Kate Spade Sedgewick Short Rainboots $150

Unfortunately, these are currently sold out! But perhaps you could find these somewhere else online.

Other labels that we think make great rain boots are Ilse Jacobsen, Coach, Michael Kors, Chooka, Tory Burch, Jeffery Campbell, UGG, Sperry, Steve Madden... There's also a brand called Posh Wellies. They're super affordable and look luxurious. You may want to check them out!

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Phantom Glass + Giveaway

"Phantom Glass™ is a tempered glass screen protector designed for smartphones, tablets, and cameras. With superior protection in mind, Phantom Glass is the last screen protector you'll ever need.™
Phantom Glass™ is made using the latest Corning® Gorilla® Glass technology to resist most impacts and scratches
Our proprietary and patent-pending silicone nano-adhesion layer ensures that Phantom Glass™ installs itself in under 30 seconds
Phantom Glass™ is treated with a specially engineered oleophobic nano-coating to ensure that fingerprints and residues wipe off with ease
Phantom Glass™ offers a smoother touch that is 100% clear, with zero image distortion as if nothing is on your phone at all
The silicone nano-adhesion layer works to fill most minor surface scratches on older and/or previously unprotected devices
The ability to remove and re-apply Phantom Glass™ numerous times, making it reusable
In the event of breakage, Phantom Glass™ does so in a way that is 100% safe to touch – there are no hazardous shards of glass or sharp edges
Our no-hassle Lifetime Warranty program, keeps your device protected at all times!" www.phantom.glass

For quite some time, glass screen protectors have gained popularity. Toronto- based Phantom Glass says they are "the last screen protector you'll ever need."
Phantom Glass' current line of tempered- glass protectors are made from Corning Gorilla Glass, which is used on many of the top of the line phones from 2014. It has been said that this newer glass has twice the toughness and durability on older models. 
Richard Waters founded this company in 2013 at the age of 20. He believes in using high quality glass as the foundation and using special techniques- like anodizing the glass opposed to using a spray, and adding an oleophobic coating- which is a longer process, but lasts longer and is more durable. 
With this material, in the event that it breaks, it will still be safe to touch. There will be no sharp edges, or shards of glass. 
We love how this company's protectors are edge-to-edge, and cover the whole face. We can use the home button, ear piece speaker, front-facing camera, and sensor without any hindrances. 
Installation is easy. An oleophobic nano coating means that fingerprints are easier to wipe off. The glass comes with a wet wipe to clean the phone's display and a small microfiber cloth to wipe it dry and ensure no dust or smears are there. There is a clear plastic shell that acts as the alignment and application. Peel away the inside, push the applicator into the phone, peel the top layer, and then remove the applicator.  We like the lack of bubbles with this phone protector. 
IPhone 6(s) and 6(s) Plus come in the following colors: White, Black, Gold, Silver, and Space Grey. 
Tempered-glass protectors may eventually overtake plastic films. 


  • Made of Corning Gorilla Glass
  • Tough and durable
  • Easy application
  • Can be removed and reapplied
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comes in a variety of colours

  • Phantom Glass' classic clear for iPhone 6 is not edge to edge, and it retails for $34.99, their Privacy Glass for iPhone 6 is $49.99, and their edge to edge for iPhone 6 is $39.99. We highly recommend you give them a try!

Guess what?

Phantom Glass has offered to gift one of you an Iphone 6(s) /6s(Plus) screen protector!  Plus, we'll be throwing in a JCrew Leather IPhone 6/6s (value of $38). 
 How to win:

*Write 'Phantom Glass Giveway' on the Subject line and let us know what color you'd like to win!

*Contest is open to US or Canadian addresses
This contest will be closed on November 15th at 12am and winner will be chosen at random.

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Thank you for all your entries! The winner has been notified.