French company LGCF is very excited to  introduce their new and innovative flavoured wine based drink, MERLOCOLA, now available at  the LCBO.

MERLOCOLA was inspired by a real trend that started many years ago in Europe.  Mixing red wine and Coca-Cola was big in the seventies and was originally created in Spain. The mix combined table wine, coke and ice - drank on warm summer days and often by new wine drinkers.  Now known as “Calimocho” in Spain, MERLOCOLA  is also a go-to for many in other countries around the world, including across Eastern Europe where the mix is known as “Bambus” or “Motorină” in Romania, “Jote” in Chile, “Catemba” in South Africa and “Korea” in Germany.

MERLOCOLA is just that: Merlot with flavours of Cola! The taste is very close to sangria, with aromas of cherry, plum and spices such as cinnamon.  It is a non-carbonated drink, closer to a wine than to pop and is best served chilled or on ice.
Merlocola LCBO product number: 394833
Retail Price: $8.80

We love this twist on the classic red wine. The flavor is very close to sangria with aromas of cola, cherry, plum and cinnamon spices. It is rich and sweet with a body of vanilla, lemon and orange. Even though there is a cola flavor to it, it is not carbonated. Contains 7.9% alcohol.