Guess who's back!?

Lake Louise
Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know I'm back from Banff. This photo was taken at Lake Louise. Wish I could've done an outfit pic but I was in leggings and a hoodie. Haha Don't think anyone needs to see that! 
I had an amazing time over the past 3 weeks but am glad to be back in Toronto! 
If you haven't been to Banff before it's a great place to visit! At Lake Louise there are alot of great hiking trails and you can embark on a mini canoeing adventure :)

We have some really great things lined up for you in the next two weeks! Just a reminder the Toronto Summer Music Festival is currently ongoing till August 9th. You can attend a number of free concerts as well as concerts where you pay what you can. There are also a number of ticketed events. I'll be trying to get to as many as possible, but will for sure be attending the July 31st concert 'American Romantic' at 7:30pm
Also, we'll be covering and are so fortunate attend Marni Wasserman's July 30th Juices and Smoothies Class. So excited to learn about juicing, and new delicious recipes!
There is also the Toronto Vegan Food and Drink Festival. An event not to be missed for vegan foodies as well as those that want to venture out and have fun in the city! This event is August 8th 11am-7pm. 
I'm also taking at trip to the ROM and AGO, so we may be able to fit in a feature for those two.  
If you happen to attend any of these and see me, feel free to come up and say hi. I would love to meet and chat!