Violife’s new Slim Uno Portable Manicure Kit

Gone are the days of rummaging through your bag or junk drawer for a nail file. Introducing Violife’s new Slim Uno Portable Manicure Kit, the slim as a pen nail kit that is available in a convenient travel pouch and in five bright, bold colors so they are always easily accessible.

This deluxe kit combines the sonic power of Violife’s best-selling toothbrushes, with manicurist favorite nail tools, including a cuticle pusher,shaping file, emery board and buffer board.

Retails for $24.95 

We really like Violife's Slim Uno Portable Manicure Kit. With a weight of only 2.5 oz, it is also extremely compact (6-1/2" long). This little tool is extremely convenient and makes quick touch ups to your nails in just a few minutes. It is quick and precise, and much quicker to use than an emery board. This is a portable battery-powered manicure kit and is the only multi-purpose tool needed for nail care, wherever you are. It combines the sonic power of VioLife's toothbrushes, with manicurists favorite tools (including a cuticle pusher, shaping file, emery board, and buffer board).
A great little tool between touch ups at the nail salon, or if you do your nails yourself! Making your nails look as though someone professionally did them is not an easy task to achieve, so using cost-efficient, and effective products is what we like! This is a really neat device that can help you keep your nails looking expertly shaped with not too much effort. 
The Slim Uno comes in such cute bright and chic patterns. This is a far better way to tackle rough nails at home, on the go, or when you are traveling. 
VioLife products are always state of the art, durable, and convenient. Plus, their products are always easy to use! 

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