Summer 2015

Hi everyone!

I've been receiving so many emails over the past few days wondering where I will be this summer. 
For those of you that remember, last summer I was in Europe and Asia and covered 5 countries in July/August. It was so amazing, and I know many of you weren't happy with the lack of updates...but I tried!

This summer I will be in Banff attending The Masterclasses for Strings and Winds June 29-July 17. I thought it would be really nice to spend more time in Canada as I'm usually out of the country most of the year. Plus, the team has some really awesome features lined up AND we'll be covering some wonderful events in Toronto. We're still figuring out details, but when we know for sure we'll be sure to share it with all of you!

I just wanted to thank you all for being such AMAZING, loyal readers. I know some of you have been reading this since 2011, and been following me even further back than that. I truly appreciate it and would not continue this without you!