Summer 2015 Beauty Essentials

Dermalogica has all the essentials you need to stay calm, cool and relaxed this summer. 

Protect your skin and stay moisturized with Dermalogica® Protection Sport. This water-resistant moisturizer defends against prolonged skin damage and cottage-sun assault. After a day in the sun, offer your guests Dermalogica®’s Pre Cleanse Wipes to melt away layers of excess oil and sunscreen that build up throughout your day lounging. Sooth your skin with After Sun Repair, a treatment balm that helps to repair damage from exposure to UV sunlight as it helps to cool sunburns and reduce discomfort.
Keep calm and spray on with Dermalogica®‘s Ultracalming Mist. Quickly calm redness, sensitivity and inflammation to keep guests relaxed at your summer home 

Cottage Bathroom Essentials
Provide your guests with an at home spa with these essentials. Great for the shower routine, the Dermalogica® Conditioning Body Wash is a rich botanical cleanser for all skin types. To re-hydrate they dynamic duo of  Dermalogica® UltraRich Body Cream and Stress Relief Treatment Oil will aid in the reconditioning of thirsty skin.


Dermalogica is a leader in the skin care industry, and their great products treat very common skin concerns. They use top notch ingredients and state-of-the art technologies. In addition, Dermalogica is popular in spas and a favourite brand of dermatologists worldwide. 

We also recommend.....Clean Start for teens!

Young and Fresh
Smells like teen spirit! Using powerful ingredients and soothing botanicals, Clear Start™ delivers real results to achieve their clearest skin ever. Eight products are available just for teens to stay fresh and clean on their weekend getaway! Tough on breakouts, gentle on skin. That’s Clear Start™. $40