Must-Have Lush Products This Summer!

We know that many of you are HUGE Lush fans, and with good reason! We love that their products are fresh and hand-made. Plus, their products smell fantastic.

For the summer months, we recommend trying these products: Each Peach (and Two's A Pair) Massage Bar, and Happy Hippy Shower Gel. The citrus notes in these products are very uplifting and brightening! 

"Brighten up your skin and give yourself a blissful massage with a concentrated citrus fix. We make our Each Peach massage bars with a new aeration technique, which means the bars are lighter and melt into the skin easier for even softer, luxurious massage. The fruity avocado and mango kernel butters are mixed with Fair Trade cocoa butter and shea butter for an extra nutritious, skin softening treat. Each Peach is super emollient and moisturizing for the skin; but it also gives a good glide when it is being worked over and massaged into the body. Customers have fallen in love with this fresh citrus massage bar. It’s a best seller all year long and it’s not hard to see why!"
How to use: Glide the bar over dry skin. Massage or rub the oils into skin and take care to make sure it absorbs completely before putting on clothes! Store this product somewhere cool, dry, and out of sunlight. 
Price: $10.95
What we think: The smell of this product, is amazing - fresh and energizing. It makes a wonderful moisturiser after a shower, and makes a great massage oil. The scent is delicious, like a lemon cake! We also love the design of the flowers and branch pattern. 

"Our grapefruit shower gel is one of our happiest shower gels: a magic potion to make the even the office seem inviting on Monday mornings. A perfect way to start the day, Happy Hippy remains one of our best-sellers because it smells absolutely delicious: bursting with fresh, juicy organic pink grapefruits to cleanse away grime, refresh your skin and make you feel brighter all over. Plus, it’s full of zippy grapefruit and bergamot oils to work on tired minds."
Price: $9.95-$28.95
What we think: We love this shower gel. The smell is refreshing (like freshly cut grapefruit), and it will help wake you up in the morning! The consistency is great, and thick and will leave your skin feeling soft and clean. This product is also great for shaving, and works as a shampoo!