Interview with Sarah Velasco

Hi everyone! As promised, I'm answering 5 questions that were sent in by readers. 
The winner of the JCrew earrings has been notified, so keep an eye out for the email! 

Q: hi sarah!! you’re the coolest person i’ve been following for years. just wanted to ask for camera advice. im going away this whole summer and blog a little bit and i want to travel light so i’ve considered investing in a camera. any recommendations? 
A: Hi! Thanks for writing in. When I have more space and am not worried about the camera getting ruined, I use a Nikon Coolpix L120. I got it for a really good price a few years ago, it was pretty inexpensive - I would say under $200. I can't remember. It won't give you professional looking photos but definitely a lot better than phone or digital cameras.
I don't know about cameras...I think you'd be better off asking someone at a speciality store, or looking through reviews online! Thank you for your kind words and loyal readership! :)

Q: Current go to hair product? 
A: I change products all the time. I don't think it's good to stick to one product otherwise your hair will get used to it and not work as well (or so I hear). For shampoos/ conditioners I'm currently using products from The Face Shop. They originated in Korea and have hundreds of stores there. I love Korean, Japanese, and French beauty products.
Anyway.. I know all of you will get bored with me saying I'm so lazy, and don't really use anything. Just to clarify, I do, and I love doing a diy facial and hairmask once or twice a week. I'm also pretty picky about the products I use. However, when it comes to makeup, and hair styling on a day-to-day basis, I keep it pretty minimal and leave it pretty much as is. That being said...LUSH has a good sea salt spray, which gives nice hold and keeps things in place. Of course, higher end shampoos like Sebastian's texture spray..Fekkai has a good glossing creme...and I'm currently using Kerastase's Elixir Ultume, a little pricier but lasts a long time. 

Q: Hi Sarah! I LOVE your site. Please keep doing outfit posts!!! What do you wear for concerts? Can you wear anything?
A: Hi, thanks! I'll try :). 
Typically, I would say if it's a little hard to walk but the shoe looks great, wear it. Just not for a concert. The most important thing when you're performing is being practical and feeling comfortable so you can focus on what matters most- the music. Then comes fashion haha. I've learned from experience that even if the shoes look great, it's not worth it when performing. 
I definitely think of what the event is first, what is appropriate and what is not. Is it a concert with orchestra? What type of repertoire are you playing? For instance...if I'm performing a Bach sonata, I probably wouldn't wear a bold red statement dress. It will detract from the performance. Go with something more minimal.  Meanwhile, if I were to perform Sarasate's Carmen Fantasy that would be perfect.
Secondly, no to strapless dresses (for me at least). I've seen videos of where I'm pulling up my dress during breaks. Everyone will see it, and it looks really bad. 
The length is also really important, it shouldn't be where there may be a chance of tripping. I'm short (5'2) so dresses have, in the past been too long and it shouldn't be one of your concerns when you're performing. Another thing is that the left strap of your dress shouldn't have any elaborate feathers..metals...puffy bows. I don't use a shoulder rest too...so I need to make sure the violin won't slip..rattle from the metal..etc. Just a few things to keep in mind!     

I absolutely love this Marchesa dress on Freida Pinto. Would make a great concert dress as well!

Q: how often do you work out? do you do yoga?A: Uh...no. and no. Haha I know it's terrible, I need to start working out. There's no excuse. Yoga is definitely on my list! 
Q: What are your summer must-haves? I love your feature of Juice Cleanses you did last year!
A: Thanks! They were really great to try and write about. My summer must-haves... 
Cat Eye Sunglasses
Printed Shorts
Backless Dresses
Lots of colour

Image taken in 2011: Wearing Talula Babaton crop top, Anthropologie cardigan, BCBG bag, Abercrombie Jeans, Vintage Sunglasses
I decided to answer a few short questions as well!

Favorite violinists style? On stage- Anne Sophie Mutter, no one can beat her.
Favorite band? The Pretty Reckless
Latest purchase? A Keds x Kate Spade item
Best purchase this year? Though the year's not over yet! A Burberry watch
Water or coconut water? Coconut water!

Thank you all for your emails! I'm sorry I couldn't get through all of your questions. Hope these answers helped :)
Keep writing in, would love to hear from you! letters@sarahvelasco.com