Interview with Marni Wasserman

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us about yourself? How did you get started?
Marni Wasserman: I have always had a passion for food, nutrition and health. I went to the institute of holistic nutrition and then culinary school in new york. I blended my two passions and started teaching cooking classes over 7 years ago. I wanted to find a way to show people how simple and delicious it is to eat well and live well on plants!

Sarah Velasco: What is your schedule like on a typical day?
Marni Wasserman: Every day varies. Whether I have meetings, classes, events or workshops - I could be all over the city. Or most days I am at my computer working. Responding, planning and creating content to provide to people. Most evenings during the week are dedicated to cooking classes or other workshops that take place during the evenings.

Sarah Velasco: What is your philosophy?

Marni Wasserman: My philosophy is that it’s really easy to start eating more plants. No matter what your current diet is, anyone can add in more plants to have a very well rounded and balanced diet. Plants nourish your cells from the inside out. Give you energy, and make you feel and look good. So I always encourage people to eat more!

Sarah Velasco: Are there certain foods you incorporate in your diet everyday/ Are there foods we should have every day?

Marni Wasserman: I always have green leafy veggies. Green are a staple in my diet and definitely should be consumed on a daily basis by everyone. It’s easy to get a variety of them in as well - as there are so many to choose from so you can never get bored!

Sarah Velasco: Do you have a favourite place to eat in Toronto? 
Marni Wasserman: I have a few. Fresh, Pizza Libretto, Nunu and Tori’s After Hours.

Sarah Velasco: What foods are always in your kitchen pantry?
Marni Wasserman: Almonds, Hemp seeds, coconut oil, cinnamon, oats, chia seeds, goji berries, quinoa, sweet potatoes

Sarah Velasco: What are some of the most common misconceptions you hear about healthy eating?
Marni Wasserman: 
That it’s too hard to make a healthy meal.
That you won’t get full on plants.
That it won’t taste good.

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us about your books? Where can readers find them?

Marni Wasserman: I have 5 Ebooks on my website - that range from meal planning to cleansing on superfoods. I also have two published books Fermenting for Dummies and Plant Based Diet for Dummies - available worldwide on amazon and other large book stores.

Short Answers:
Favourite green: Kale
Guilty pleasure: Sweet potato fries

Words to live by: Eat more plants

Can you introduce us to a great recipe?
Green Energy Smoothie
(Serves 2)

What’s In It?

1½ to 2 cups Ryza rice milk, almond milk or hemp milk
1 tablespoon chia seeds
½ cup frozen blueberries
1 tablespoon of almond butter
1 medium pear
1 teaspoon low-glycemic sweetener like Bali Sun coconut nectar
2-4 tablespoons plant-based protein (Sunwarrior or hemp seeds)
1 cup packed Swiss chard, spinach and/or kale

How It’s Made
1. Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth and no lumps remain. Pour into glasses
immediately and enjoy!

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell readers a little bit about Savour the Summer?
Marni Wasserman: The Savour the Summer Series is a great way to get a taste of summer fresh recipes that are easy to make. We cover everything from appetizers, dips, salads, smoothies, juices and side dishes. Lots of colour, lots of variety in flavour and texture to make fun recipes that you will want to create over and over again, not just in the summer!

Savour the Summer is a 4- week series where you can choose to attend an individual class, or all 4. The classes are 7-9 pm July 2, 16, 30th, and August 13. Each class covers different topics and we will be attending and letting you know about Marni's class July 30th 7-9pm. Come join us! We're so excited that we will be learning how to make delicious juices and smoothies!