Coffee of the Month: Old Chicago Coffee Co. No. 42 Original

"This medium roasted coffee maintains its sweet taste as it cools, so it's perfect hot or cold. Offers rich reserve of chocolate and tangerines with complex sweetness and sharp acidity. Many also love the buttery flavored body with the gentle aftertaste. Grown at high elevations of 4,500 feet in
the San Marcos region of Costa Rica's Tarrazu growing region, this is Old Chicago's most popular coffee and their original, the very first ever selected for the Old Chicago Coffee brand. This coffee offers a delightful aroma. It's roasted to create a smooth body of coffee with a minor hint of bold. The bean is softer and offers a hint more fragrance, that scent we all love in the morning. It's truly a one of a kind specialty coffee, roasted only with AAA beans."

We really enjoyed this coffee and think you will too! We love that there are no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Old Chicago Coffee is a roasting company that sells coffee in bean and ground form to coffee shops, restaurants and grocery stores. 
No. 42 is a single origin coffee. It came from trial and error roasting where the 42 was their 42nd trial roast for Old Chicago Coffee's original. 
We really like how rich, bold and full of flavor this coffee has. 
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Old Chicago Coffee Company offers coffee from Latin American origins including Costa Rican, Brazilian, Colombian and Bolivian. Features mezzo roast, sunrise and blackened coffee beans.