HairMax for den•si•ty Shampoo

"Thinning hair… a receding hairline… are either familiar sights you see the man in your life struggling with?

From the guy next door, to royals and movie stars, the battle with a balding head is a fight every man fears."

“Hair loss can start as early as your 20s and 30s and many men don’t even notice it until they’ve lost 50% or more of their hair,” explains NYC Plastic Surgeon Dr. Halaas. Prince William and Jude Law are noteworthy cases often highlighted for their thinning tresses and even Captain America himself, Chris Evans, has revealed concern for his receding hairline.

The best way to treat hair loss is to prevent it, like flossing to prevent cavities or wearing sunscreen to prevent wrinkles. Help your man maintain that youthful coif with four simple tips:

Keep Follicles Active : HairMax has a LaserComb that is an at-home laser that can energize follicles and prevent hair loss in minutes by using it 3x per week. Their lasercomb is FDA approved and clinically proven to work.  
Cleanse & Condition : Have a healthy scalp. HairMax has their den•si•ty collection that prevents build-up of sebum on the scalp,allowing new hair to grow. Their collection is scientifically formulated to revitalize and fortify hair follicles. .
Eat a Well-Balanced Diet : What you put inside, will show outside! Eating a healthy diet consisting of lean proteins, healthy fats, and fruits and vegetables will give you healthier, thicker hair. HairMax has their Essential Dietary Supplements that will give you vitamins to promote healthier and thicker hair.  
Double Your Efforts : There is a topical treatment called Minoxidil that is FDA approved to regrow hair. It can be used alone or with the HairMax Laser comb. 

HairMax is an established leader in Hair Growth, Care, and Science. They have a collection and are experts in the development of advanced hair loss treatments and hair growth products. 
Their  den•si•ty collection is designed to cleanse, restore, revitalize and fortify your hair follicles resulting in denser, thicker and fuller looking hair. 

Their collection includes a sulfate-free Shampoo and Conditioner that gently exfoliated the scalp and restores vitality, thickness and volume. They also have Revitalize, a treatment that helps unclog hair follicles and an Activator serum spray that nourishes the scalp and encourages naturally thicker and stronger hair. They can be used separately or together to ensure the maximum results. These products are formulated to work synergistically with the HairMax Laser Comb to strengthen weakening hair follicles. 

HairMax for den•si•ty Shampoo– FORTIFIES AND REVITALIZES 
This powerful yet gentle shampoo cleanses your hair without the harsh effects of sulfates that strip essential oils. The lower pH, purifying formula gently exfoliates your scalp and removes the build-up of sebum, styling products and environmental pollutants. Infused with a synergistic blend of DHT blockers, anti-oxidants and therapeutic botanicals to restore balance, optimize scalp health and enhance the vitality, thickness and volume of your hair.
• Sulfate-free
• Formulated with 3 DHT Blockers, Anti-Oxidants & Vasodilators 
• Lower pH formula for gentle exfoliation and to strengthen the scalp’s natural protective barrier
• Safe for color and chemically treated hair
We really like how there is a luxurious lather to this product. It is soothing and great for a sensitive scalp and hair feels softer and looks full and thick. There is shine and with ingredients of tea tree and peppermint oil, your scalp will feel refreshed on the very first day. 
We really love how clean your scalp feels after a few days of use! Unlike other shampoos that claim to clean the scalp only to leave hair dry, this one does not. It is also safe to use on chemically treated hair, and we highly recommend this product!
For more information please visit www.hairmax.com and for additional tips and product recommendations to help make the right choices regarding hair and scalp health, download the free Guide to Beautiful, Healthy Hair Growth, which offers a money saving coupon for all HairMax Products.