Interview with: Purple Prairie Botanicals

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us about Purple Prairie Botanicals? How did that start?
Purple Prairie: Once upon a time there was a mother of three who was tired of her dry, irritated skin and acne problems.  She wondered what happened to the skin she was born with. One day while reading her organic gardening magazine, she found an article about old fashioned soap. She knew this was the answer she had been searching for. Soon after her first batch of soap, her skin was reborn! The instinctual desire to create took over and Purple Prairie was founded in 2000.  We are a Minnesota home grown company started with the belief that our skin needs products made with nature's ingredients to stay healthy & beautiful.
Sarah Velasco: What types of products do you carry?
Purple Prairie: We offer a full line of artisan bar soap, lotions, face care, outdoor, balms, salves and oils. 
Sarah Velasco:Why is it important to have skincare products made with organic ingredients?
Purple Prairie: Skin care products that contain the  nurturing, safe & organic ingredients combined with herbal infusions & pure essential oils restore the balance of both physical and mental well being. This allows us to cater to all skin types including the most sensitive skin.
Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us what a "zero waste" company means?
Purple Prairie: A "Zero Waste" company means that any materials which might be regarded as waste are either recycled, re-used, composted, reclaimed, or brought back into the production cycle. All invoices, brochures and other paper materials printed for our customers by Purple Prairie Botanicals is a minimum 35% post consumer waste material. We use minimal/recyclable packaging and recycle/reuse everything possible during the production process. We re-use all shipping material(boxes/packing peanuts, etc.) that arrive with our ingredient purchases. All of the office supplies we use are repurposed, reused or recycled. The packaging material we use to cushion your order is 100% repurposed/reused bubble wrap, peanuts and newsprint salvaged and cleaned from other companies and individuals.
Sarah Velasco: What is the shelf life for Purple Prairie products? Are there specific storing instructions to follow?
Purple Prairie: In general, our products have a shelf life of 18-24 months
Sarah Velasco: Do you have recommendations for those with extremely dry skin?
Purple Prairie: For face- Carrot Rose Creme. For body/Lips-Body butter, gardeners salve and body balm. With that said, all of our products including the soap are beneficial for dry skin.
Sarah Velasco: What are your top three best sellers?
Purple Prairie: Sunstuff, Tea Tree soap, Deodorant
Sarah Velasco: Where can we find your products?
Purple Prairie: www.purpleprairie.com , Amazon and we also have over 100 retailers nationwide.
Sarah Velasco: Anything else readers should know?
Purple Prairie: All Purple Prairie Botanicals products are inspired and made with a back-to-basics approach. Our products are made in small batches using nature's ingredients. Many of our products meet and exceed organic standards. All products meet the following requirements:

NO Petroleum
NO Parabens
NO Synthetic Dyes
NO Artificial Preservatives
No Animal Ingredients
NO Detergents
NO Sulfates
NO Gluten