Grow Your Own Mushrooms! 100th Monkey Mushrooms

"... buying gourmet mushrooms on a regular basis is cost prohibitive for many people, we developed grow-your-own kits to make gourmet mushrooms accessible and affordable for everyone. As an added benefit, growing mushrooms is fun and informative, and our customers quickly become as enthusiastic about mushrooms as we are! " - Heather Ralston, 100th Monkey Mushrooms. 

We recently did an interview with Heather, where she shared her expertise with us. You may view the informative interview here

Price: $22 

About: "This variety grows in clusters of beautiful, blue-gray mushrooms with a rich, savory flavor. The blue oyster mushroom kit is a must-have for those who want to grow a specialty mushroom not commonly found in stores. Easy to grow, reliable, and kid-friendly, the blue oyster kit comes in an attractive grow box: perfect for the first time grower or for a gift. Kit includes small blue oyster mushroom block, grow box, mister, humidity tent, and instructions."

What we think: A great experience with delicious results! This is a great eco-friendly gardening project for the kitchen counter. This kit produces 3/4- 1 1/2 lbs of blue-grey mushrooms and has a total of 1-3 flushes.  
The directions are simple and are provided with the kit. In 3-14 days mushrooms will begin to form and they will grow rapidly. It is incredible how quickly the mushrooms start growing. One day they are tiny, the next day they are huge!

Day 4

Day 6

So easy to grow and you are left with an all-natural, nutritious, and sustainable product. The 100th Monkey Mushroom kit is a clever concept and makes a fun gift! Having the mushroom kit will inspire you to learn more about the health benefits and nutrients of mushrooms. They are also a great learning experience. 

100th Monkey Mushrooms website also has great recipes to make wonderful dishes!