"At ChocoSol we make Mexican-style stone ground chocolate at an artisan scale. Our chocolate is literally made from cacao beans and is commonly known as bean-to-bar chocolate. We use low heat and low shear to preserve the healthful and nutritional components of the cacao."`- ChocoSol. You may view our interview with ChocoSol here

ChocoSol products are great quality and have fantastic presentation. Their products are made with such care, and everything at ChocoSol is done with sustainability in mind.  
ChocoSol chocolate is absolutely delicious. Their chocolate is also free from dairy, gluten, soy and nuts. Plus, they are vegan! ChocoSol specializes in eating chocolate and drinking chocolate and they offer other sustainably grown ingredients sourced directly from farmers. Their drinking chocolate is a water-based Mexican - style drink that is amazing hot or cold. 
Everything is open-sourced and made with little processing. They start from the bean and their process is low shear and low heat.
We think ChocoSol is amazing, and absolutely recommend it! (Especially for those that love dark chocolate) The chocolate is intense and leaves you wanting more!

They recently moved to a new location (1131 St. Clair West, east of Dufferin) and May to October farmers’ markets will be starting soon 

They also relaunched ChocoSol’s Tortilla Project this month and fresh corn tortillas are now available at select farmers’ markets: www.ChocoSolTraders.com/Tortillas.