Bella Sun Luci

Mooney Farms began in 1987 as a kiwi farm and their products were sold locally at farmer’s markets in northern California. They now carry sun dried tomatoes as well and are famous for their quality dried tomato products. The Mooney Farm sun dried tomato products are made with 100% olive oil making them perfect to use in any of your favorite Italian recipes. Bella Sun Luci products can be bought at the Bella Sun Luci Online Store and in various stores across the US.

Sun dried tomatoes are actually more nutritious per ounce than fresh tomatoes! Bella Sun Luci Sun Dried Tomatoes have 12 times more lycopene than fresh. Lycopene is an important carotenoid, a natural color pigment that contributes to the deep red color of tomatoes. It is only in the last decade that lycopene has become widely recognized as a potential protector against the risk of certain types of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
Bella Sun Luci makes great products. They are perfect for antipasti, pasta, salads, soups, sauces, marinades, dressings, breads, pizza and more!
Bella Sun Luci Sun Dried tomatoes in Pure Olive Oil ($3.99-8.89) are amazing products. No matter how well you cook, a recipe is only as good as its ingredients. The Bella Sun Luci Sun Dried tomatoes in olive oil have a wonderful taste , do not overwhelm the palate, and are a complement to the recipe. Bottled in pure olive oil, they are so tasty you can eat them right from the jar. 
Bella Sun Luci Sun Dried Tomatoes ($2.99/each) are also great as they make the perfect addition to salads and pizza. Even when there are fresh tomatoes in salad, these sun dried tomatoes make a great addition. They add a new texture, rich flavor, color, and nutrients. Soft, chewy, moist, flavorful and just right.