Living Tree Community Foods

Living Tree Community Foods  is a small, independent company that manufactures organic, raw, kosher nut butters in Berkeley, California (USA). Their nut butters are made slowly over several days and in small batches so they are always fresh and alive.

Living Tree signature products include their incredibly delicious nut butters, seed butters, tahini, oils and chocolates. They also carry ingredients like nuts, flour, dried fruits and sweeteners as well as superfoods like maca and lucuma powders.

Organic and Alive Sesame Tahini  ($16.99 - One 16oz Jar) by Living Tree Community Foods contains certified organic sesame seeds with no oil, salt, sugar, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or preservatives added. 

It is great quality tahini that has a nice, creamy texture which reflects the good quality of their sesame seeds. Living Tree Community Foods does not grind the sesame seeds, but slice it. Then, they let them rest overnight and slice them again. 
This tahini makes terrific hummus, and is great on its own. Mixing it with a sweetener makes a sweet treat and it can also be made into a spread, filling, or dip. You can also use tahini in salad dressings, sauces, dips and more. A great alternative to a nut butter! A great- tasting and useful product!

Organic Alive Almond Butter  ($19.99 - One 16oz Jar) by Living Tree Community Foods is delicious. It is made slowly over a few days and the almonds are not sliced the almonds, but ground. This product also made in small batches so it is fresh and alive. Organic Alive Almond Butter only contains organic almonds.

This is such an amazing product. It tastes like fresh, raw almonds just harvested and can be eaten on its on or on fruit, vegetables, bread...This product is unlike any other almond butter on the market. You`ll want to give this a try!

Chia Cherry Blueberry Bar  ($9.99- Two Bars 2.7oz) by Living Tree Community consists of chia seeds with Oregon grown blueberries, California cherries and cranberries. The core also consists of chia seed oil, which has more than 60% omega-3 fatty acid), honey, and a dash of Royal Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt. Around this is their Vanilla Innovation Bar. 
This product contains Organic Living Tree Almond Butter, Organic living Tree Vanilla Chocolate, Living tree Organic Chia Cherry Butter
A very unique and delicious chocolate bar that will keep you coming back for more! Living Tree Community Foods has created a chocolate bar that has a really nice texture. It is a delicious treat filled with healthy ingredients. The product is also in nice packaging. 

Living Tree Community Foods has many other products. We highly recommend the products listed above.

Recently, we conducted an interview with Jesse Schwartz, the founder of Living Tree Community Foods. You may view the interview here