Live on Chocolate: Power Pudding & Buncha Crazy Hippies

"Organic and Fair Trade is extremely important to me and my business. This means that the cacao trees and soil has not been contaminated with pesticides that damage the earth and the famers, and people consuming the chocolate. Organic means the farming practices are inline with nature, using more natural ways of pest control and planting. The cacao I am using right now is Wildcrafted and Heirloom from Ecuador. It has the most incredible flavour profiles! I often have people ask if there is liquer in my truffles. There is no liquer; because my chocolate is raw and feremented before drying, this is where the fruitiness of the chocolate comes out, sometimes resulting in a liquer or wine taste." - Stacey Burgess, Creator/ CEO of Live on Chocolate

You may find the rest of the interview we did with Stacey here 

What: Live on Chocolate Buncha Crazy Hippies 
What is it: Local maple sweetened homemade dark chocolate with with raw, vegan, organic ingredients. 

  • Organic, Fair Trade 
  • No Gluten
  • No Dairy
  • No Soy
  • No Corn

Flavors: Good Karma Bar - Strawberry Hemp, Trippy Hippy - Powered by Flowers, Groovy Granola, Plain Jane, Treehugger - birch & maple sweetened
What we think: Buncha Crazy Hippies Bars are AMAZING. Words cannot describe how great these are. Artfully crafted with quality ingredients and sweetened with organic maple syrup. Organic maple syrup is a wonderful low glycemic alternative to agave. You really have to give these a try. All of them are so delicious. 

What: Live on Chocolate Power Pudding
What it is: A nutrient rich snack packed into a biodegradable cup.

  • Sweetened with low glycemic Coconut Nectar
  • Superfood Granola Toppic
  • Organic Raw Ingredients
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free

Flavors: Raspberry, Coconut Lime, Chocolate & Caramel Mocha
What we think: These Power Puddings are wonderful and make such a nice treat. They are so healthy and make a great snack or breakfast item. Each one has the best raw , organic, vegan ingredients in a biodegradable cup. Every spoonful is simply amazing, an explosion of flavor and deliciousness. Each power pudding is topped with a handmade granola made with ingredients such as lentils, flax, quinoa, broccoli, and vanilla bean on the chocolate pudding, or coconut, almonds, golden berries, goji berries and vanilla bean on the raspberry.  So good and good for you!

You can find these products available in the GTA at places like The Big Carrot, and Magic Oven. To find a store near you visit this link.

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