Interview with Natalie Gattrell, Rise Bar

Natalie is  currently training for the Boston Marathon this Spring and seeks new adventures. She is active in the community and a Lululemon Brand Ambassador. Natalie participate with non-profit organizations like Challenged Athletes Foundation and John Wayne Cancer Foundation. She also loves the southern California sunshine and participates in outdoor activities every chance she gets.

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us about yourself? How did you get started?
Natalie Gattrell: I have been a lover of Rise Bars before I started working here and ever since I found them at my local Whole Foods Market. I started following the brand and with my experience in natural foods and marketing background it was a perfect fit coming on board over a year ago!

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell readers about Rise Bar? How did that get started?
Natalie Gattrell: We were formerly Boomie Bar and were purchased almost 3 years ago and renamed Rise Bar. The recipes stayed the same and we have since introduced two new protein bars to our line.

Sarah Velasco: What types of products do you carry?
Natalie Gattrell: We carry Breakfast, Energy, and Protein bars. They are all free of gluten, soy, preservatives, peanuts and non-GMO. 

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us about the bars being gluten free and non-GMO bars?
Natalie Gattrell: Not many know that gluten is one amongst three top allergens in the United States along with soy and peanuts. We make our bars in our own facility and we have an un-wavering commitment to quality products that meet our high standards. We are currently working with the non-GMO project as it our goal to consistently provide healthy products to our consumers.

Sarah Velasco: Why is carrying gluten free and non-gmo products important?
Natalie Gattrell: What I love most about our bars is we have a bar for just about everyone. Along with being gluten free and non-GMO we have organic and vegan options. We have bars that can satisfy the need to crunch with our Breakfast line, or bars that deliver a flavorful chewy bite in our Energy bars. Functional bars that fill you up with a high protein base and keeps you fueled for your own personal mission!

Sarah Velasco: Are there any differences in your breakfast, protein, and energy bars? If so, what?
Natalie Gattrell: Breakfast Bars are handmade! We carefully roll them out as to not crush the nuts-that for you to do! The Energy Bars are compressed fruit and nut bars that have superfruits and high in antioxidents and also our vegan and organic line. The Protein bars have just 3-5 ingredients and 15g-20g of protein.

Sarah Velasco: Can these bars replace meals?
Natalie Gattrell: I often use the protein bars as breakfast on-the-go. My favorite combination is a Sunflower Cinnamon Bar and a cup of coffee or Crunchy Cashew Almond broken up into bits and sprinkled over my vanilla Greek yogurt.

Sarah Velasco: Do you offer any nut-free bars?
Natalie Gattrell: Sunflower Cinnamon Protein Bar is not only nut free but vegan with 15g of protein. Great after a workout!

Sarah Velasco: How are these bars different from nutrition bars?
Natalie Gattrell: Our bars have very low ingredient profiles and have nothing artificial. In fact our Almond Honey Protein Bar (and my favorite bar) has just 3 ingredients and 20g of protein. Almonds, Hones and Whey Protein Isolate.

Sarah Velasco: Where can readers find Rise Bars?
Natalie Gattrell: Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, REI, Bristol Farms, Mother’s Market and other natural food stores. Amazon.com, Vitacost.com, Risebar.com are just a few of our on-line retailers.