Interview with Brandon Bert, Co-Founder of Amazing Grass

Brandon Bert got busted with grass in first grade.  Teachers called his mom after the rebellious tike shared some of his (wheat) grass pellets with classmates.  This ‘GrassHead’ was fortunate enough to have a constant supply from his Grandfather, who has been growing and dehydrated the world’s most nutrient dense cereal grasses and alfalfa for over 65 years.  Brandon’s Grandfather Raymond, started his dehydrating business after being inspired while working with Charles Schnabel, who is widely credited with the initial ‘discovery’ of the amazing benefits of dehydrated cereal grasses and patenting the jointing theory in the late 1920’s.

After a successful sales stint in Telecom selling fiber, Brandon traded fiber optics for a healthier kind of fiber and Co-Founded Amazing Grass in 2002.  In addition to his passion for educating people about the incredible health benefits of green superfoods, Brandon enjoys an active lifestyle and outdoor adventures including, skiing / snowboarding, mountain biking, backpacking, yoga and traveling.  Though he misses his home in Missoula Montana, Brandon now lives in Mill Valley, California with his wife and two grass goddess daughters.

Amazing Grass was created in 2002 to help people lead more active lives by achieving their full potential through better nutrition.  For over 50 years, their family farm in Kansas has perfected the growing, harvesting and dehydration of organic greens to ensure optimal nutrition.  All of their products are: certified organic; made in the USA; non-dairy; non-GMO; vegan; gluten-free; and do not contain soy lecithin fillers.  Since day one, the company has been dedicated to producing the best green superfood products available made from the highest quality ingredients

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us about yourself? How did you get into the business?
Brandon Bert: I was fortunate to grow up with a Grandfather who had spent his life growing and dehydrating green foods and with the help of my uncle, produces the most nutrient dense green superfoods on our family farm in Kansas.
I’ve consumed greens most of my life. Early on it was wheat grass pellets that I’d get from my grandfather. That was how they stored the cereal grasses to protect their nutrition. Now I’m able to consume my greens in powder form daily, getting to choose from over 30 Amazing Grass products.

Sarah Velasco: What kind of products does Amazing Grass have?
Brandon Bert: Please see our website at www.AmazingGrass.com to view all our products.We are the leaders in organic green superfoods. We have a range of wheat grass products, Green SuperFoods, Amazing Meal / protein based line, A line for Kids called Kidz SuperFood and a line of Bars that focus on energy, fiber and protein.

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell our readers about the products? What makes them different from others on the market?
Brandon Bert: We are the only green foods company that has a family farm that grows our cereal grasses and alfalfa in Kansas. These nutrient dense greens are found in every one of our Amazing Grass products. Our greens grown through a cold winter and get harvested at their peak of nutrition 200 days later. This long slow growth and direct harvesting along with low temperature dehydration and frozen storage assures consumers that our greens are nearly as nutritious as they day they left the field.

Sarah Velasco: Are any of these meal replacements? How often can you consume them? 
Brandon Bert: Amazing Meal can certainly be used as a meal replacement. We market it as a meal supplement because technically it doesn’t have enough calories to be considered a replacement. However, just mixing with your favorite milk, juice or smoothie will replace a meal. Amazing Grass products offer plant based whole food nutrition. You can consume our products whenever you are hungry or want to help achieve your daily quota of fruits and vegetables.

Sarah Velasco: We read that even pets can consume Amazing Grass! Which products can they have and how often?
Brandon Bert: We have quite a few faithful canine and feline Amazing Grass devotees. The most common products owners give their pets are our green superfoods and wheat grass. Wheat grass powder sprinkled on wet food or mixed into water is probably the most popular. We receive great testimonials from owners, many who see big improvements in their pets health.

Sarah Velasco: Are your products gluten free, raw, dairy free or vegan?
Brandon Bert: Yes, Amazing Grass products are free of gluten, dairy and vegan.The only exceptions are as follows:
Bars: Peanut butter Protein (contains whey protein). Chocolate Chip Coconut (contains oats which may contain traces of gluten)

Sarah Velasco: For those that are new to Amazing Grass and don't know what to get, what would you recommend? Are there certain products better for different age ranges or body types?
Brandon Bert: Greens are essential to every person’s diet. Over 95% of the population doesn’t get enough daily servings. One of our greens products for sure. My favorite greens product is our Raw Reserve Green SuperFood. A confluence of Sea Vegetables from the coast of Maine, E3 Live from Klamath Lake in Oregon, our cereal grasses and alfalfa along with Chia, maca and a bit of ginger and cayenne pepper. Plus each serving contains 25 billion CFU’s from 10 different strains of probiotics and digestive enzymes.

For those looking for a more satiating plant based protein, our Amazing Meal line offers 11 grams of whole food protein combined with a serving of our greens. It comes in 5 delicious flavors and one of my favorites is our Café Mocha, which also includes some energy from yerba mate and organic coffee. Definitely a much healthier substitute for that acidic morning cup of coffee that so many people are addicted to.

We also have a great line for kids called Kids SuperFood. For those parents out there that struggle to get their kids to eat fruits and vegetables, each delicious drink powder contains over 30 rainbow colored fruits and vegetables. I love hearing from so many parents out there that say, ‘your kids superfood is the only fruits and vegetables my child gets’. Many parents also see an improvement in cognitive behavior along with a healthier immune system.

Sarah Velasco: Are there any common misconceptions people may have?
Brandon Bert: Many people assume that wheat grass must be related to wheat and contain gluten. We have many consumers with severe allergies including celiacs disease who consume our products daily. Consumers also assume that greens must taste bad. The fact is, we have found a way to make greens taste great and most people who didn’t have the pallet for greens initially, find that after only a few days they not only develop, but also begin to crave the taste for greens. 

Sarah Velasco: Anything else we should know?
Brandon Bert: Amazing Grass products make it easy for anyone to get raw, organic whole food nutrition in a convenient and affordable way. Nearly every person that consumes are products for at least 2 weeks will experience at least one noticeable benefit. These range from better digestion, more sustained energy, improved immune system, faster metabolism and improved elimination…which is nearly a universal benefit.