Bella Vita: Formidable Deodorant

"Bella Vita introduces the Miracle Hand Balm and Formidable Deodorant, two natural formulas with the healing and protection of propolis - A miraculous blend of bee secretions, pollen and tree resin. In fact, propolis is created by the bees to protect their hives from infection."

What: Bella Vita Formidable Cream Deodorant 
Price: $12 / 30 ml

  • 93% Natural
  • Alcohol-free
  • Aluminum- free
  • Suitable for All Skin Types
  • Suitable for Male or Female
  • Can be used after chemotherapy, electrolysis, or laser hair removal
  • Does not clog sweat glands

What we think: A great, natural product that keeps you fresh smelling all day long. Smells wonderful. We recommend giving it a try!

The propolis line is distributed in Canada by Bella Vita.

Available at Big Carrot (Toronto), Fiddleheads (Kitchener, Waterloo) and Whole Health (Toronto).


Founded in 1999, Bella Vita International, headquartered in Quebec, provides Canadian consumers with fine personal care products from around the world, specially selected for their quality and innovation. BELLA VITA is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Marvis, Omega, Proraso, Le Jardinier Parfumeur, Le Savon des Antilles, Mont-Saint-Michel, Guenzani, Les Fleurs de Bach, Altesse and Bella Vita.