Kaeng Raeng: FAQ's

This information is from Kaeng Raeng's website. You can view more of their FAQ's here
Should I do the 3-day or the 6-day cleanse?
Use our detox quiz to find the best product for you! At any time, of course, you can stop a cleanse early and still receive benefits. A cleanse for one day is better than none!  We also offer a soy free formula - now available!
Which is your best seller?
Our 3-Day Beginner Soy Free is our best-seller and is designed for first-time cleansers.
How often should I use Kaeng Raeng? 
Although each individual person's detox needs are different, we recommend conducting a three or six day detox once every quarter (4 times per year). How will you know? As soon as you start to feel fatigued, bloated, or generally gross on your current diet, you can always turn to a healthier lifestyle with Kaeng Raeng. As always, conduct your cleanse with plenty of water (at least 24 oz per serving in addition to the recommended 64 oz per day).
What are the flavors? Does an order come with all three flavors?
Each program comes with all three flavors: "into the blue" - blueberry, banana; "daybreak" - mango, peach, pineapple; "joyful" - strawberry, raspberry, pineapple. If you are allergic to any of these fruits, send a request for a customized order to info@kaengraeng.com.
One serving tasted different from another. Why is that?
Because Kaeng Raeng is made from fruit, it will taste the same way fresh fruit does. Just like one fresh strawberry won't taste exactly the same as another fresh strawberry, you will experience the same differences with Kaeng Raeng. Cleanse products that have fruit "flavoring" are not all natural and contain additives that contradict a healthy detox.
What is the difference between the three levels?
The main difference between the levels is the amount of fiber, in addition to some vitamins. If you already eat a fairly high fiber diet, you will get better results with our Veteran or Master level. If you eat a more conventional diet, you will see better results with the Beginner, as the Veteran or Master may cause more detox symptoms for you. None of our levels contain a laxative or stimulant and all are safe to use.
What dietary restrictions are addressed by KR?
You can have KR if you are vegan, are lactose intolerant, have a gluten allergy, are sensitive to stimulants like caffeine, have a soy allergy, or have a peanut allergy. Contact us if you have any further allergy questions. Find out more about what's in KR by clicking here. KR is not recommended for diabetics, or women who are pregnant, plan on becoming pregnant soon, or breast feeding. Our original program contains soy.  Our soy free programs contain no soy.
Is this the same thing as a juice fast?
No. Juice fasts are liquid-only diets that involve a significant reduction in daily caloric intake, specifically deficient in protein and fiber. Kaeng Raeng is not a fast. Although many juice fasts and juice cleanses exist and may help you lose weight, KR is a nutritional cleanse that provides protein, daily vitamins, probiotics, and it's filling and easy to maintain. Many juice cleanses are simply sugar water fasts that may provide nutrients but are high in sugar and lack the fiber that makes fruit a whole food. Kaeng Raeng also encourages you to eat raw fruits and vegetables, so it is not a liquid only program.
Can I exercise on a cleanse?
Yes! In fact, regular stretching and low impact weight training is encouraged while using Kaeng Raeng. During a cleanse, your body uses calories more efficiently. You will have better energy with less sleep and fewer calories. Each person's exercise abilities are different - do not continue strenuous exercise on the cleanse if you begin to feel faint or light headed.
How much weight will I lose?
Every person varies and the amount of weight you can lose has a lot to do with how much you weigh before conducting your cleanse. We've had customers lose as much as 5 lbs in three days and 10 pounds in six days. Kaeng Raeng is not a long term weight loss solution.