"Whether it's the sparkle of an engagement ring or the seductive curve of a beautifully crafted set of bangles, eye-catching fine jewelry is always the perfect compliment to any outfit and every occasion. Co-founded by Priya Judge and Laurie Kader, Prila's magnificent offerings set the standard even higher, but allowing clients to add a personal customised touch to every piece of fine jewelry that they choose.

"When purchasing a piece from a jewelry store, customers are faced with many restrictions," explains Judge. "Choices are relegated to what happens to be in stock and, of course, the budget. This often means that customers are forced to make compromises when purchasing a much-desired piece of jewelry."

Thanks to obtaining materials and craftsmanship from some of the world's best resources, Prila's line of fine jewelry is able to expertly remove all of the limitations and frustrations that clients often face in a store setting. From Thailand to Italy and India, Prila has exclusive access to some of the world's best gemologists and platers. The company can work with almost any budget to create a truly original piece made from some of the most beautiful stones on offer including star rubies, morganites, high-end blue sapphires and high-quality diamonds such as black diamonds and champagne diamonds.

Working with a signature geometric style, Judge and Kader begin the design process by meeting a client in their home to discuss the concept for the desired piece. Kader, who is a renowned painter, expertly captures the vision. "I'm always inspired by our clients," says Kader. "Everyone's taste is really different and it's always fun to enter into a conversation and fully explore the style and genre of a client. My job is to capture that vision and render it into the highest possible level of artistry."
Once a design has been agreed upon, clients receive a computer-generated three-dimensional image of their creation. This gives them the opportunity to truly visualize the piece and make any minor adjustments. When the final piece is delivered, usually within a two-week timeframe, the clients are also presented with a GIA-certified certificate of authenticity that attests to the quality of the stones and can be used when insuring the piece.
For both Kader and Judge, purchasing a piece of customised fine jewelry is an investment from both a financial and emotional standpoint. Pieces from the Prila fine jewelry collection are used to enhance a look; to help a client feel good about themselves while also making a very personal statement. It is a treasure that can be passed down and shared from generation to generation."

Pieces from the Prila fine jewelry collection can be viewed by visiting the website at www.prilajewelry.com.