How to prepare for a juice cleanse

You have decided to do a juice cleanse and will prepare a nice juicy steak the night before right? NOOOO!!! Don't do it!
Preparing for a juice cleanse is so important. The more you prepare, the easier it will be for your body to transition. 
This means, a few days leading up to your cleanse you will want to cut out things like coffee, sugar, meat, dairy, carbs. Add fresh fruit and vegetables to every meal.

Love Grace recommends that the day before you cleanse, you refrain from eating anything after sundown. Instead, opt for juice or tea so you will wake up feeling energized without any cravings.

The best way to prepare is a diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables.

We recommend:

3 days before - Phasing out meat. Opt for lightly steamed fish with vegetables and salad. Vegetable based soups, and fruits are a great option too!

2 days before - Green salads should be a staple or steamed vegetables i.e. spinach, broccoli. 

1 day before - Raw or lightly steamed vegetables are great while avoiding more starchy vegetables like carrots, squash etc. Salads are great too.