Juice Cleansing 101

We have all heard of cleanses. Whether it comes to celebrities talking about them, articles we have read – they have been around for quite some time now.

Until this year we had not paid them any mind, but this year we are on the lookout of new products that will improve your lifestyle and health choices.

Love juice?

Many people turn to juice cleanses because they feel off; they’re bloated, sluggish, dependent on caffeine, have junk food cravings, and skin problems. When you get rid of these toxins from your system, you will feel better and look better externally and internally.

While weight loss is one reason many cleanse, some say our bodies already have built-in detoxifiers and don’t require this type of cleansing. Most warn that no one should expect lasting weight loss, unless food habits and lifestyle change are maintained after the cleanse.

However, cleanses may shift you away from bad habits, like too much coffee, alcohol, fatty foods, and help you maintain healthier habits after you are done.