Mia Beauty Faux Hair Braidies

Looking for a quick and easy way to achieve the trendy braid look? Simply use a Mia Beauty Braidie headband to create celeb-favorite looks.


What it is: A comfortable, braided headband made with synthetic wig hair.
What it does: Get an elegant, braided look with the easy of a headband. 
Choose a color to blend with your natural shade. Available in Blonde, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, and Black. 
For redheads, try the Light Brown shade if your hair has lighter orange tones, or the Medium Brown shade if your hair is darker auburn. These shades have hints of red in them and the synthetic hair will act like a mirror, picking up and reflecting your color.
They come in 5 shades and in jumbo, thick (1/2") or thin (1/4"). 
Price: $8 Thin Bradie/ $9 Thick Braidie / $10 Jumbo Braidie

Makes a really chic accessory, and works well. You may want to use bobby pins to make sure it stays in place. It's great because you only have to work with the hair - rather than the ones that come with a headband attached to the hair. 

Mia Beauty Braidies are available at Walgreens, ULTA, Harmon, Bed Bath & Beyond http://www.miabeauty.com, and other retailers online and nationwide.