Introducing Lotus Aroma

Lotus Aroma launches a new line of 99.9% natural Ambiance Mists

Just in time for fall, when we start closing our windows to keep out the cold, Lotus Aroma has launched a new line of Ambiance Mists to purify the air in your home, your office and your car.
With 99% natural ingredients, these mists clear the respiratory tract using the traditionally and scientifically recognized properties of citrus, floral, woody, spicy, resinous and medicinal essential oils.
Lotus Aroma Ambiance Mists are health atomizers with antibacterial, anti parasitic and antimicrobial properties. They don't just mask odours - they clean the air. 

The spicy bouquet of Cannella is warm and exciting. Cypress, juniper, and eucalyptus balance warmer scents of cinnamon, clove, and grapefruit. Fans of gingerbread and chai will love Cannella!

About Lotus Aroma:
A Quebec leader in quality bath and body care products, Lotus Aroma is known for the finest essential oils and a passion for products made from carefully selected raw materials. To highlight its 20th anniversary, Lotus Aroma is going green with a strong commitment to renewable materials and environmental responsibility. Based in Sainte-Julie near Montreal, Lotus Aroma, a division of Dermolab Pharma, is proud to offer cherishable products with active ingredients that are exclusively of plant origin and up to 45% organic, in recycled, biodegradable and environmentally friendly packaging.