LUSH: Dirty Hair Cream and Dirty Toothy Tabs

Get Dad Groomed for Father's Day!: LUSH Dirty Range ($3.95-$28.95)
 Hair gel, toothpaste and everything in between

Dirty Hair Cream 
What: Dirty Hair Cream
Price: 15.95
Featured Ingredient: Sandalwood Oil
Size: 100 g
How to Use: Rub between your fingers, scrunch and smooth into hair. 
Dirty Hair Cream is a great product, very creamy, moldable. It keeps your hair in place without being hard. It stays very flexible throughout and looks very natural. It has a nice scent that keeps you smelling fresh during the day.
Dirty Toothy Tabs
What: Dirty Toothy Tabs
Price: $4.95
Featured Ingredient: Spearmint Oil
Contains: 40 tablets
How to use: Crunch tablet with your teeth. Use wet toothbrush and brush!

We love Toothy Tabs! Using these instead of regular toothpaste is a treat. The product itself works well and LUSH sells hand-made and natural products that are safe and environmentally friendly. 
After brushing teeth are clean and smooth and leave your mouth with a clean feel and taste. The dirty has a light spearmint flavor and the tablet mixes nicely and foams a lot. 
We love LUSH's selection of flavors, and these toothy tabs are better for the environment. No tubes to throw out, these boxes can be recycled. 
Excellent for traveling and very convenient size.