Amarelli Liquorice

"Liquorice is the oldest candy in the world, and the best liquiriza in the world is made in the town of Calabria by the Amarelli family, since 1731, and still by hand.

Under the watchful eye of the “master liquorice maker,” Amarelli has paired the ancient handcrafted method with hightech computerized equipment to produce today’s liquorice products that are uniform and unchanging in quality. With neither additives nor sweeteners, with its delicious taste and distinctive flavour, Amarelli liquorice is worlds apart from today’s manufactured candy that’s stuffed with beeswax and sugar, cornstarch and other additives.

Amarelli liquorice candies come in three varieties: 

  • Plain (for purists!)
  • Mint-flavoured
  • Anise 

Presented in delightful little metal boxes with antique accents, you’ll want to keep and collect them!

Price: $4 (20 g box)
Now available in Toronto at Pascale Gourmet 2393 Younge St. (at Eglinton) and in numerous stores across Quebec."