Heal Everything Balm Sara McNamara

Heal Everything Balm
This multi-purpose beauty balm is specially designed to immediately hydrate sensitive, irritated skin, and soothe the multiple sources of aggression and stress. The intensive M3 Complex contains a blend of over 30 moisturizers and emollient ingredients including Manuka Honey to enhance the skin’s own natural repair process.
Common Uses:
·         After strong exposure to sun
·         After skin has been irritated by waxing, shaving, and other cosmetic treatments
·         After exposure to cold climates and wind burn
·         To alleviate irritation and redness due to chaffing and sports related activities
·         To alleviate irritation caused by burns, stings, and bug bites

$26 / Available August 2012 at Sephora stores nationwide, Bergdorf Goodman NY,www.nordstrom.comwww.sephora.com and www.miracleskintransformer.com