Elizabeth Knight Jewelry

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us more about yourself? What is your role at Elizabeth Knight Jewelry?

Elizabeth Thompson: I’ll start with the second question; I’m the sole proprietor and designer of the collection. I grew up in Philidelphia and went to school at Savannah College of Art and Design before moving to New York and establishing FluxWork, a shared artisan studio, and my own line Elizabeth Knight Jewelry.

Sarah Velasco: How did you get into the industry?

Elizabeth Thompson: I always loved working with my hands and like the idea of making something small and personal which is why I was drawn to jewelry. I studied at SCAD majoring in jewelry with an emphasis on silver-smithing.

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us about the brand? The products?

Elizabeth Thompson: The line has always been inspired by nature whether it be literal like my ground and water collection where I would source animal bones and cast them or like more recent collections that have been inspired by human nature and ancient civilizations.

Sarah Velasco: Have there been any major changes since the company started? Are you anticipating any changes in the future?

Elizabeth Thompson: The brand has certainly grown over the past five seasons. I’ve started to hire people to help me from production to marketing. It is a huge change and it really makes me excited to put together a team of people that help grow the company. As for changes I expect in the future, I’m just looking forward to sharing my work with a wider audience.

Sarah Velasco: Can you tell us what you think your three most popular items for spring will be?

Elizabeth Thompson: My three picks are the stacked V necklace, it is a great statement pieces that adds a lot of texture and movement. I love the small spike earrings because they are really wearable and I think any girl could work into their jewelry box especially since they’re super affordable and the blade ring, it is a really unique shape and I think rings are becoming more and more popular.

Sarah Velasco: Any trends we will see at Elizabeth Knight Jewelry?

Elizabeth Thompson: As I mentioned I’ve recently been drawn to ancient civilizations for inspiration; in particular my new Fall/Winter 2012 collection was inspired by Greek Mythology. I love the geometrics and the animals referenced in the stories. It takes my love of nature and form and gives me a lot to work with. I plan to contune to add to that collection for SS13. In terms of materials I’m also really excited to be adding stones into the line.

Sarah Velasco: What type of audience does the brand target?

Elizabeth Thompson: Empowered women. I love a girl who is confident in a statement piece who can appreciate the balance between strong and beautiful.

Sarah Velasco: Where can readers purchase the items?

Elizabeth Thompson: You can check out my website www.elizabethknightjewelry.com to buy pieces or find a list of store if you prefer to see them in person.